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Creating Light in Oil with Richard Pikesley

Creating Light in Oil DVD with Richard Pikesley

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Richard has a great love and awareness of the landscape and the effects of light and weather. This understanding has established him as a great painter of light and in this film his inspiration comes from the coastline around his home in Dorset.

Working outdoors with a small pochade, he draws and paints small studies in and around the harbour at Lyme Regis as well as on the shore at Charmouth and on Eggardon Hill. Working in his studio, he uses much of this material to work up large canvases of Lyme Regis.

APV Films, runtime 120 min. This DVD is for US, Canada, Japan and other NTSC countries.


The video is wonderful. Richard share much information on his colors, his thought process and his composition as he works from sketches to larger works. He is an avid plein air painter and describes the light and the temperature of his colors. I enjoyed this video and will watch it often.

Love this video and watch it all the time! Richard, put out another video :)!