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Vision of Venice in Oils, Ken Howard

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The light and architecture, but above all the total atmosphere of Venice has had a great effect on Ken Howard's work for over thirty years. In this film we see him painting three views of the Salute, showing the difference in tonal values as the light changes from early morning "contre jour" to late afternoon. He also paints looking up the Grand Canal in the evening light as well as a view of a back street canal on a quiet Sunday morning.?60 min
Ken Howard's "A Vision of Venice in Oils" DVD works on three levels. The most fundamental is demonstrating his oil painting techniques, working plein air. Then the setting he's working in will show why so many painters go to Venice. And, lastly, if you've been to Venice it'll remind you of the joys of the city and its potential for paintings.
One of the many tips Howard shares is how he sometimes tests the tone of a color in another part of the paintng to see if he's got it right. Once you're aware he does this, you'll see him doing it as he's painting.
I thoroughly enjoyed the way Howard explains what he's looking at, how he's deciding what to do in the painting, what he thinks is working (or not), how he develops the painting. You really do feel as if you're standing in Venice next to the canal with him, watching over his shoulder as he paints, and listening to him chat.
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