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Colour and Light in Pastel with Maxwell Wilks

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Maxwell Wilks is an exciting painter with a strong emotional response to the effects of light, colour, atmosphere and form. He works in brilliant colour and uses the pastel strokes rather than blending to achieve stunning results.

 In this film he paints on the north east coast of England at Whitby, selecting views around the harbour and the nearby Dales. He then returns to Australia where he shows us how he uses sketches to work up paintings in his studio.

This DVD is 90 minutes by APV Films. NTSC for North America, Japan. 


This is an amazing video. Mr Wilks does masterful work, and unselfishly domonstrates his technique in an a charming way. You are not rushed in watching the stages of development, and can pick up many principles of good painting design that are great for pastel work, but which will carry over to other media. I think two strong lessons in this video are the explanation of atmospheric perspective that he handles so well, and the process of artistic selection that he uses when he paints complicated scenes.
His dramatic use of color and unique style give great zest to his work , and after watching him you will dash to get the pastels out wanting to free up your approach. He really does give you a liberating experience, and, truly, my work after watching his DVD made a lovely leap forward.
If you have never worked in pastel, he would be a wonderful first instructor, starting you off in a dynamic manner, where the work is fresh and lively, not fearful, tedious and overworked as pastel can be if not enjoyed for the direct, decisive medium it is.
He is a perfect instructor, painting in great locations( an added gift). I hope he will do more DVD's. This one is beautifully done.