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Pastel Techniques, Barry Watkin



Barry Watkin explores the many different ways of using pastel, producing vibrant paintings with rich colours, strong tones and interesting textures.

He applies pastel over watercolour and over ink, mixes water with pastel, uses linear and broken colour techniques and applies pastel in layers.

A wealth of new ideas for pastelists.  Run time 60 min. APV Films, DVD in NTSC format for North America.

If you're looking for new pastel techniques to try, or prefer to see the results before you experiment, then watch Barry Watkin demonstrate a range of options in his Pastel Techniques DVD. This includes adding pastel to a watercolor painting and over ink, using broken color, and using fixative to secure multiple layers of pastel. Throughout the DVD you see the painting in progress and the scene or reference material being painted from, enabling you to compare the two. For more on this video go to: