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Atmosphere and Mood in Watercolour DVD with Joseph Zbukvic




Joseph Zbukvic is a highly accomplished watercolour artist who has the ability to create a magical atmosphere and mood in his paintings.

In this film, we follow Joseph as he paints in Australia and Venice. He paints a busy Melbourne street, full of movement and life as well as the marina at Williamstown with its boats and the city of Melbourne in the background.

In Venice he paints a view of the fish market on the Grand Canal. Boats, cars, buildings and figures are all portrayed in an impressionistic manner.

This film complements the book "Mastering Atmosphere & Mood in Watercolor" published in 2002 by International Artist Publishing. APV Films DVD 60 min. NTSC for North America


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Amazing man! I was so enamoured with this video I contacted Joseph and brought him to Texas and it was well worth it!! I still have calls from the artists...."Bring Him Back"! Joseph paints in a style that is so loose and isn't that what watercolor is all about. Get the book as it is Josephs own words not an editor, I can just hear those words " a child can do it". The video is well worth every penny. He shows artists how to create that wonderful soft appearance with just one or two brush strokes. He puts it on and leaves it alone and such a quick painter! He covers all the bases in his video on style, paper, drawing, mastering the water, etc. I cannot wait to get his other video. I am lucky enough to have acquired a plein air painting done in , get this, 45 minutes which included setting up his easle. What an amazing artist. I would buy every video he makes as he is one of the masters in watercolor.