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Charles Reid Figurative Watercolours DVD

Figurative Watercolours DVD with Charles Reid




Charles Reid is an American artist with a worldwide reputation. His precise use of clean and vibrant color creates a loose style of painting with a fresh and spontaneous look.

The film centers around figures painted in the studio and gives the viewer an insight into Charles’s philosophy as well as his practical approach to painting. He chooses contrasting figures, starting with two poses of a young woman, followed by one of an older, bearded man.

Runtime 98 minutes, APV Films. This DVD is formatted for the US, Canada, Japan and other countries needing the NTSC format.


Charles Reid explains every step of drawing and painting 3 portraits. He talks about his process throughout the painting.

Two portraits are of the same young woman, one where she is looking right with her hair down and one where she is looking just left with her hair up. The real treat is the third and final portrait of a bearded man with lots of character.
Brushes and paint colours are also explained.
This video could be longer. One more portrait would have been nice, especially since David Curtis and David Taylor do at least 4 demos in their DVDs.