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Herman Pekel DVD My Vision

My Vision in Watercolour DVD with Herman Pekel




Herman is a very fine watercolorist, producing paintings full of atmosphere and light. Painting ’en plein air’ he mixes traditional impressionistic values with versatility, with a strong emphasis on technique.

In this film Herman paints in London, firstly beside the river Thames near Tower Bridge, then a view looking down Fleet Street, with the sunlight producing strong lights and darks. He then travels to the Cotswolds where he paints two views of the English countryside in summer.

Runtime 90 min APV Films. This DVD is formatted for US, Canada, Japan and other countries needing the NTSC format.  


Awesome film. Herman has such Enthusiasm that it is contagious! It will make you want to pick up a brush and go outside. I think I would like to take a workshop from him one day.