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One Hour Watercolours with Iam McManus available at The Artists' Place

One Hour Watercolours DVD with Ian McManus IEA




In this exciting DVD Ian McManus - an elected member of the Institute of East Anglia Artists - shows you how to produce stunning watercolors that each take only an hour to paint.

Ian believes that many watercolors fail because they are overworked, so in this film he demonstrates how to put the freshness back into you painting.

There are four demonstrations on this DVD which is filmed in two locations - Pin Mill in Suffolk and in the beautiful cathedral city of Norwich.Town House Films  Running time I hour 43 minutes approx

I buy a lot of this type of video and enjoy all of them. This one would not be my recommendation for a beginning painter. No mention of tools or paper is ever heard and very few glimpses of his palette as he mixes color. His style is loose, which I admire. These demos,maybe due to the one hour limit, don't use a lot of color. He's great about stressing values, but not much about color. In viewing his other work online, I like most of that better than these demos as it's much more finished and colorful. He's a very good draftsman, so necessary for this style of painting.