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Ron Ranson DVD Twin Pack 1

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Watercolour Fast & Loose

Ron's painting locations range from the Windrush valley in the Cotswolds to the Severn Estuary and Gloucester docks, interspersed with studio demonstrations. His painting style is fast, direct and exciting and the film covers every aspect of watercolour, opening our eyes to a new way of looking at the landscape. 60 min APV Films, NTSC

Big Brush Watercolour

 With infectious enthusiasm, Ron gets down to the basic techniques of painting in watercolour with his big hake brush. With outdoor locations in the autumn colouring of the Forest of Dean, much of the work is done in the studio and Ron concentrates on painting skies, trees, foregrounds, water and buildings in a free, loose manner. 60 min, APV Films, NTSC



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