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Andy Evansen DVD Watercolour Plein Air

Watercolour Plein Air DVD with Andy Evansen




Andy Evansen paints in a loose and impressionistic style and in this film the emphasis is on painting en plein air. Working in the Cotswolds in the UK, he stresses the importance of doing a value study before embarking on a full painting and shows us how to simplify and connect shapes.

He emphasises the importance of painting outdoors, gaining essential information from the experience. Subjects include rural scenes with church spires, water, boats, bridges, trees, buildings, figures, animals and a village street.

“It's so vital to go out and collect information on the spot. It is an important process in your growth as a painter"

APV Films 100 min Runtime This DVD is NTSC for the US, Canada, Japan and other countries needing this format. 


I truly enjoyed learning about Andy's process, particularly the value plans. His approach is easy to understand and integrate into your own work. The paintings themselves are exquisite, beautifully composed, the color is pure and luminous, and the brushwork is inspiring. The video offers nice close ups of his palette while he is painting. Andy works pretty quickly and consequently there are 4 or so paintings in this video.

I've been fortunate to take a workshop with Andy, and this DVD is like having him standing over my shoulder as I paint. Andy's workshops are rich with instruction and insight, and his emphasis on painting a value study prior to the painting itself has been a game-changer for me. This marvelous DVD covers much of the wisdom and awareness that Andy provides in his workshop (minus the numerous application activities), and you'll be pausing the DVD and scribbling down notes with frequency as you watch. It's not a replacement for one of Andy's workshops (highly endorsed, btw), but it's a marvelous learning tool -- and for me, a valuable reminder of lessons learned (and still being learned) from a terrific teacher.